It all began when we bought the farm...

My husband always dreamed of raising beef cows. He grew up on a farm, so it's in his blood. In May 2022, we finally got our own cows - Gertrude and two beef calves. And since I've always loved gardening, it felt natural to start a garden. It turned out to be an unexpected but amazing gift!

Speckle park cow named Gertrude

We put up a tall fence to keep out deer, rabbits, and our playful pets, Fletcher and Hazel. After a successful first year, we decided to grow more dahlias and make our garden even bigger.

Now, as we gear up for our third season, we're diving even deeper. Alongside expanding our gardens to accommodate taller plants and tripling our sunflower patch (with maybe a touch of corn for fun), we're fully embracing the family hustle. From digging and rock-picking to staining, weeding, and watering, everyone's on deck.

With our daughter-in-law's floral business blooming, we're not just tending to our own flowers anymore. We're also juggling wedding orders during peak growing times. But it's all part of the joy. Our little roadside flower stand has become a local hit, and we're eager for another season of spreading smiles and sharing the beauty of our farm with our community.